Carol chiu was educated in the U.K since the age of eleven after having her primary school years in Hong Kong. In 2000, Carol was diagnosed with schizophrenia after suffering from anorexia two years before. Due to schizophrenia, she was unable to complete her fashion design degree course at Central Saint Martins and eventually returned to Hong Kong at aged 25, where she stayed and concentrated on recovery with the help from her grandmother whom she adored and depended on from a very young age.

Carol’s works are inevitably influenced by the diagnosed symptoms which derive from schizophrenia which has haunted her for most of her adult life. She continued working but found it unaiding for recoveration. It was believed that recovery was not possible for her.

A severe relapse occurred after her grandmother passed away and Carol found it difficult to adjust her life without her. It was during this time that the ballet series were painted. Carol works with acrylic and watercolour, also mixing medias which includes crayons and ink.

Carol feels her paint and paints with her heart, her inspirations come from within.